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LuuMeng coffee – our special in-house roasted blend.

La Plantation Kampot Pepper Farm: One of Cambodia’s premier Kampot Pepper



The book featuring 52 recipes by the Kingdom’s top chefs, is a mouthwatering offering of culinary fantasy on a plate to celebrate its publication, a unique menu brings together the creative best from top toques across the nation.


In ancient mythology, Cambodian people are said to have been born of the sea, created by a marriage amongst the gods. Cambodia’s celebrated chef, Luu Meng and his friend, the writer Darren Gall took a small band of handpicked chefs on a journey around Cambodia’s coastline, a journey of discovery in the kingdom of wonder.
The stories of their journey are retold in this book, the book is a love story, a love of the sea, of cooking seafood and a love for the people of Cambodia, those born of the sea.